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Modern Parisian Glam

This client’s apartment boasts stunning southern views of New York City. Upon surveying the view from various vantage points in the space, Peter insisted on relocating the dining space to allow for an intimate sitting area so that the stunning vista could truly be appreciated. With a unique Jonathan Adler coffee table as the only required starting point, Peter envisioned a glamorous look with a touch of organicism and Parisian modernity.

To bring this vision to life, the design approach focused on careful consideration of lighting fixtures that would add a touch of organicism and refined elegance to the space. The sectional sofa was positioned in such a way that it frames the view by hiding a half wall and adds to a sense of coziness. Now, the client can relax and enjoy the view in comfort after a long day. The final outcome exceeded the client’s expectations, as they now have a beautiful lounging space that they can enjoy for years to come.

Refined Elegance with Carefully Considered Lighting Fixtures
Intimate sitting area with stunning vista
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