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  • What sets RoomAlgo apart?
    RoomAlgo is the swift, simple way to transform your room sketches into elegantly furnished spaces, with a curated selection of decor ready to shop.
  • Where does RoomAlgo source its furnishings?
    Our curated collections begin with Amazon's diverse offerings, carefully selected to suit your style and budget, with plans to expand to an array of top retailers.
  • How does RoomAlgo capture my personal style?
    Through our unique 'Moodboard Matchmaker,' RoomAlgo connects your preferences with a visual concept board, leading to personalized furniture and decor suggestions that resonate with your taste.
  • How can RoomAlgo help me as a designer?
    RoomAlgo is a platform for exploring new ideas quickly, speeding up your design process and allowing you to focus more on creative iteration.
  • Is RoomAlgo a valuable tool for real estate professionals?
    Absolutely. RoomAlgo equips real estate experts with stylish, furnished floor plans that elevate property appeal and captivate potential buyers or tenants.
  • How precise are RoomAlgo's floorplans?
    Precision is key at RoomAlgo. Your sketches are meticulously transformed into detailed floorplans, complemented by strategic furniture placement recommendations for a harmonious home.
  • Is my info safe with RoomAlgo?
    Absolutely! RoomAlgo has strong measures to protect your info and doesn't share it without your consent. Check our Privacy Policy for details.
  • How much does RoomAlgo cost?
    Visit our pricing plans to find the best option for you.
  • How can I get help with RoomAlgo?
    RoomAlgo customer support is ready to assist you via live chat.


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